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These are our most popular kayak trips; Emerald Cave, The Temple, and Arizona Hot Springs. Visit our main website, , to see even more.

BOOKING: To book your trip, contact us  first, find out about availability, set your date and time with us, then return here and use the Buy Now button for the trip you've chosen - kayaking with guides Robert Finlay and Morgan Eisen of Kayak Lake Mead.
Half Day Trips

Our half day trips are  priced at $120 per person and include:

Emerald Cave This is by far our most popular trip. 

Frogman Petroglyph: A unique experience, email us for information. 
Full Day, Kayak Lessons and Moonlight Paddle

These trips/lessons are  priced at $180 per person and include:

Arizona Hot Springs : A full day kayak trip in the Black Canyon. we just relax and soak. But, if we include a 2 mile round trip hike, we can visit some great petroglyphs. 

Trips out of Temple Bar : These are some of the most beautiful, visually stunning, and photographically rewarding trips one can do anywhere on Lake Mead or in the Black Canyon. 

Moonlight Paddle in the BlackCanyon: A paddle under the moonlight is perhaps one of the best things you can experience while visiting Las Vegas.  

Kayak Lesson : Beginner or advanced with Robert Finlay .

Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure 

This trip is priced at $200 per person with a 2 person minimum and a 4 person maximum and includes:

Our Desert Adventure This trip can only be offered from October through May.  It begins with a three mile hike through desert canyons, followed by a soak in natural hot springs and finishes with an eight mile paddle down the very scenic Black Canyon of the Colorado River. 

Although this adventure is not super strenuous, a level of fitness that supports a three mile desert hike and an eight mile paddle is required.   
Private Kayak Trip

Our private trips are  priced at $240 per person for 1 to 4 people.
REMEMBER! Contact us   first for availability - before clicking the Buy Now button. 

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