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Robert Finlay and Morgan Eisen
Robert Finlay

15 years of owning and operating Kayak Lake Mead​​

Some things about me and Kayak Lake Mead... 

I am retired. Kayak Lake Mead is my vocation as well as my avocation. All my trips and lessons are customized for you. 

I have been kayaking since 1987, mountain biking since 1983, rock climbing since 1974, and have been doing long distance hikes since I was a kid. 

I have I suppose, fifty, probably more, adventure races under my belt, including about twentythree multi-day expedition races.

In a tandem kayak, my son and I have taken first placeeight times out of ten in the Everglades Challenge, a 300 mile kayak race, and with one go at the Yukon River Quest (440 miles), we secured a second place. 

A more thorough bio on my main website, but probably not up to date, can be found here.

Adventure and survival stories from my life, some quite high drama, can be found here

The things to know about me; I enjoy paddling with you and I enjoy sharing what I know about kayaking. 

See ya paddling, 


PS: Don't go away yet, check out the video below, fun stuff...